Ruby Reads Books

How it Works

Choose Your Experience

Picture book box OR read-aloud poster?

You choose! 

Read Together

Spend time together connecting through story! Make reading an integral part of your family culture. 

Extend the Experience

Deepen your connection to the book as you complete the curated box or poster activities in your own way, at your own pace.

What’s in a Book Box?

Ruby’s Book Boxes are created by experienced educators who are also parents of young readers. Each box is designed around a high-quality children's book that will be a treasured addition to your home library and includes an activity guide and supplies you need to extend the story experience together.

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What’s a Read-Aloud Poster?

Ruby’s Read-Aloud Posters are black and white posters printed with coloring designs and dedicated spaces for activities that your family will create together as you listen to a favorite children's book being read aloud.

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