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You want to raise kids who are curious, confident learners.

Home is where it starts, and we're here to help! With Ruby's Read-Aloud Posters and Book Boxes, learning at home is FUN for them and EASY for you!

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"You Otter Read This Book!" sticker

We don't mean to be bossy, but you really "otter" read this book!

Our new Reading Otter sticker ships free with all poster orders, but if you need an extra or two for friends, you can purchase them separately now! (Ships free!)

Make Learning Meaningful

Take Time

Slow down and spend time together, as a family or one-on-one.

Go Deep

Discover the deeper meaning and artistry in a favorite book.

Make Connections

Make connections between concepts, but more importantly, with each other.

What’s a Read-Aloud Poster?

Ruby’s Read-Aloud Posters are black and white posters printed with coloring designs and dedicated spaces for activities that your family will create together as you listen to a favorite children's book being read aloud.

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What’s in a Book Box?

Ruby’s Book Boxes are created by experienced educators who are also parents of young readers. Each box is designed around a high-quality children's book that will be a treasured addition to your home library and includes an activity guide and supplies you need to extend the story experience together.

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Parents say...

"I have been reading aloud to my kids for years and I wasn't sure there'd be much else to add to the experience but goodness, I'm so pleased to be proved wrong! This adds so much to their reading comprehension and is keeping them engaged and literally asking for just one more chapter."

– Natalie, @livingbythepagewithnatalie

“I loved how the activities brought us back to the book multiple times for inspiration. It involves writing, drawing, collage, painting, observing outside - all activities my son loves.”

– Whitney, @theunreadshelf

“The poster is beautifully and thoughtfully designed with plenty of details to help my kids engage with the book.”

– Stephanie,

“Such a fun way to enjoy the characters and the book in an active and creative way.”

– Janey, @darlingreaders

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