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Printed Read-Aloud Posters

Ruby's Printed Read-Aloud Posters come in two varieties: Original and Pipsqueak.

Original Read-Aloud Posters are printed BIG at 28x40 inches and designed for your whole family to gather around to color and complete the activities as they're listening to a read-aloud book (or audiobook). Original Read-Aloud Posters come with an Activity Guide to give you the in-depth scoop on the activities, and some of these posters come with special included features like stickers that are needed to do the activities specific to that book. Read the product description to see what’s included with your Read-Aloud Poster.

Pipsqueak Read-Aloud Posters are printed a little smaller (20x28 inches) to go along with some special, shorter chapter books (around 100 pages). These posters have the activity directions printed right on the poster itself, so there's no activity guide included. 

ALL Read-Aloud Posters are designed to help your family make memories as you enjoy a wonderful read-aloud book....TOGETHER!

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