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About Us



Hi there! I’m Michelle: Educator, Mom and Founder of Ruby Reads!   


At our house, we love to bake cookies together, play crazy-competitive board games, and do science experiments in the kitchen. We may also fold some laundry, sing off-key, and get into the occasional skirmish. (Real world, right?) And we love, love, love to read together. We talk about what we read, how we feel about what we read, and how it connects to our life experiences.



Ruby Reads exists because of my passion for not just wanting my kids to learn to read, but wanting them to LOVE reading. If you’re like me, you want your children to make connections between what they read and the real-world, hands-on learning they’re doing. To find JOY in discovery. We like to say that we don’t make learning fun….learning IS fun!


After years of going to school (completing a Masters’ and PhD in Educational Psychology), teaching in a classroom, and having three energetic, curious kids, what I’ve found is this: 



And that’s where we come in.  At Ruby Reads, we believe that your child learns best in a relaxed, supportive environment WITH YOU, and we give you the perfect way to do that easily and conveniently. Our Ruby’s Book Boxes and Read-Aloud Posters are written by experienced educators who are also moms. Then they’re reviewed by other Masters’ or PhD-degreed educators and tried out by real parents with real kids - just like yours – with the end goal of an interesting, connected learning experience for you and them. 


The world is an amazing place full of patterns to be discovered and connections to be made. There is nothing like that feeling in your brain when you’ve worked to put the pieces together and it suddenly “clicks.” Every kid deserves the chance to experience that.


And we get it. We know you’re busy. But we also know that you will make time for what matters. Connection. Learning. Fun. You’re here for it. And so are we.