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Digital Read-Aloud Posters

Our digital Read-Aloud Posters feature the same great content as our printed Read-Aloud Posters, but are delivered as downloadable files for you to print on your own.

Digital poster downloads are the best solution for teachers who know that they will want to print multiple posters or readers not based in the US (since we don’t offer international shipping just yet!) If you intend the poster for your own personal use, choose the “individual” license option at check out. If you are going to share with others (for example, teachers at a grade level within a building), please choose the “site” option.

Our printed posters are preferable for those who want a heavier-weight paper or don’t have access (or the desire) to print them on their own. Some Printed Read-Aloud Posters incorporate additional physical items such as stickers that cannot be offered in the digital poster format.

Either way, we know you’ll love the multi-sensory, collaborative experience that our Read-Aloud Posters provide.