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Give them the practice and support they need to be confident readers who find patterns and connection in the world around them. Learning a new skill, feeling that mental “click” when it comes together....that’s fun! You know what’s not fun? Being asked to do something you’re not sure about, all on your own.

That’s why Book Boxes are designed for you and your child to do together. You’ll read the picture book, then provide support as they do a set of activities inspired by the book.

Ages: practice with academic skills typically introduced in the early primary grades. Younger and older children may also enjoy the activities but will benefit from more or less adult support. You know your child best!

Each book box contains:

  • reading guide
  • a mini-book to create
  • a content-area (math, science, or social studies) learning activity 
  • a craft or construction activity
  • library list for further reading
  • additional extension activity suggestions


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