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Number the Stars: Resources for Reading

Number the Stars: Resources for Reading

We’ve assembled a few resources that we think you’ll want to have close at hand as you read Number the Stars and complete your Read-Aloud Poster.


If you don’t yet have a copy of Number the Stars, you can get a printed version here:

Don’t miss the author’s afterward!

We’ve also listened to the book in audio format, and it was excellent; it’s very helpful to be able to hear place names pronounced.


Bonus to the poster: 

As you’re completing the Denmark: People, Places, and Life During WW2 on your poster, you may find you need more room to write. We made a printable accordion flap for each of the buildings just in case you need it. Click on the link to download and print.


Where in the world?


Even though the entire center of our Read-Aloud Poster is a map of Denmark (and surrounding areas), you might find it helpful to “zoom out” on a world map to find where Denmark is in relation to your own home as well as other books you may have read, particularly about the time period.  Where do you live? Where is England (particularly if you’ve read A Place to Hang the Moon).  You may already have large world map in your home, but if not, use the link below to pull up a small version.

We like this site for a combination of WW2 map/timeline.


The Historical in Historical Fiction

 One of the things we particularly appreciate about Number the Stars is how the author seamlessly weaves so many historical details into her narrative. We love knowing more about the historical background behind the book. If you do, too, here are some articles (not written for kids) that you might be interested in: 


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