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The Secret Garden: Resources for Reading

The Secret Garden: Resources for Reading

The Secret Garden: Resources for Reading


Concept map how-to

One element of our poster for The Secret Garden that may be unfamiliar to you is the In the Garden concept map located in the very center of the poster. Concept maps can be useful before you read to activate prior knowledge about a subject, and you can add to them while you read to organize new information and show how it relates to what you already knew about the topic.

We’d recommend you use the In the Garden concept map to do both; start it before you begin to read the book, and then add on as you read. If you’ve never done this before, we made a short video for you. Click the link to access:


Flower Identification

Need a little help naming some of those “mystery” flowers on the poster?

We put together a little flower photo reference sheet that should help! 


Extra Frames for Character Portraits

So, you drew portraits of Colin and Mary when they were first introduced in the book, but now they’ve changed! You don’t want to change your old picture; instead, print and cut out our extra frames to add an “after” picture on a flap!

 Click the link to download and print:


 Choosing your Read-Aloud Experience

You have a number of choices to consider when approaching your experience of The Secret Garden. Do you prefer an abridged version? An audio book? Even if you go with the traditional printed, unabridged version, there are multiple beautifully illustrated copies. And don’t forget about graphic novels and picture book versions! There are so many different versions, we’ve written a separate blog post to discuss the pros and cons and show you some of the illustrations. Read all about it here.

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