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The Trumpet of the Swan: Resources for Reading

We’ve assembled a few resources that we think you’ll want to have close at hand as you read The Trumpet of the Swan and complete your Read-Aloud Poster.


If you don’t yet have a copy of our Read-Aloud Poster for The Trumpet of the Swan, you can get a printed version here;

or a digital version, here.


How will you listen?

Probably the first thing you'll need to decide is how you want to listen to the book. While we love a traditional read-aloud, we’ve also listened to the audiobook read by E. B. White himself, which is a wonderful experience. It's more like listening to your grandpa read than some of the more heavily-produced audiobooks of today. (We loved it!)


Map activities:

Although quite a few of the map activities on the poster can be completed using details in the book as clues, you'll probably want to have a map of the U.S. and Canada for others. If you have your own map, keep it handy, or use an online version like the one here.


What's that song?

You might know some of the tunes that Louis plays on his trumpet, but others might be unfamiliar to you. If you or someone in your family plays a musical instrument, you might play from the music printed in the book. If not, here are links to some recordings so you can listen to them online. (All these are external links to YouTube recordings, so you may want to monitor access.)


Oh Ever in the Greening Spring

There"s a Small Hotel

Beautiful Dreamer, Wake Unto Me (trumpet starts at 1:34)

Now the Day is Over

Cradle Song



Sound effects

If you listen carefully, you'll notice that the book mentions a lot of sounds. You might like to make a list of these as you are reading the book, and plan how you might add sound effects to your own reading of the book. You might even pick a passage that is particularly "noisy" and do a re-reading performance, complete with sound effects!


What does it cost?

There are many references to making and spending money in The Trumpet of the Swan. When the book was written, over fifty years ago, things cost less than they do today. If this story were written today, how much money do you think Louis would earn each week? How much would he have to save up to pay for his trumpet? How much would room service cost?

What do you think would be a good way to estimate these expenses for the present day? Make a plan and execute it!


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