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Pipsqueak Read-Aloud Posters

Pipsqueak Read-Aloud Posters are just like our Original Read-Aloud Posters, but with three important differences

  • They're created for chapter books that are on the shorter side (around 100 pages)
  • They're printed at a smaller size: 20x28 inches
  • Instructions are printed directly on the Read-Aloud Poster (no Activity Guide). Need more guidance? Each poster has a Spotlight blog post linked via QR code.

What's not different? Pipsqueak Posters have lots of the same great comprehension- and vocabulary-boosting activities as our Original Read-Aloud Posters, the same beautiful artwork, and are geared toward a variety of ages within the 5-12 age range (they're not just for little kids!). 

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