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The Right Size Read-Aloud Poster for YOUR family

The Right Size Read-Aloud Poster for YOUR family

With the release of our digital Read-Aloud Poster for The Hundred Dresses comes the flexibility of choosing the print size for your poster. Because we intentionally created this poster without some of our traditional Read-Aloud Poster features that necessitate a specific print size (like sticky-note spaces), you can print at any size that's convenient for you...the design will simply scale to fit your chosen print size.

Read-Aloud Poster Print Size Comparison

We (and our pilot-testing families) printed it at three common "poster-ish" print sizes to see the pros and cons of each. Here's what we thought:


Note: One of our pilot-testers printed the poster at 18"x24" and felt that it was a good size for her family. However, since we haven't tested this size extensively, we won't discuss it here except to say that it could be an especially good option for those of you reading to only one child or kids who are overwhelmed rather than excited by coloring as an activity.


Print size 24x36

The smallest size that was tested by multiple families was the 24"x36" size. Although it is smaller than our traditional Read-Aloud Poster size of 28"x40", you can see in the photo that it still has a true "poster" feel that comfortably fits 2 kids and could probably accommodate a third, although maybe not if all were coloring on the same side of the poster.

Pros: Less expensive than other print sizes; easy to fit on a table; not overwhelming for kids who are intimidated by coloring large areas.

Cons: As the design scales down, spaces for writing are smaller; this might not be the best choice for smaller kids who need more generous writing spaces. We don't think it is enough room for 4 or more kids to work together comfortably.


30"x42" Read-Aloud Poster

The 30"x42" size is most similar to our traditional Read-Aloud Poster size (28"x40"). We love this size because it's big enough for kids to really immerse themselves in, and larger families can still work together. We show three kids working in the photo, but there's room for a fourth to join.

Pros: If you've done other posters from Ruby, this size will give you the closest experience to that. It's big, and bold, and fun, but still fits on most tables and has a moderate printing cost. It also has a little more writing room for your littlest ones than the 24"x36" size, but it's not so huge as to be overwhelming.

Cons: This print size is not available at FedEx/Kinkos, and is a "delivery only" option at Office Depot. If you are near a Staples, though, this could be a great option for you.


36"x48" Read-Aloud Poster

The 36"x48" size is really big! In fact, we think it's so big that most of you won't want or need your Read-Aloud Poster this big. Which is nice, because it's also the most expensive option. We think it will, however, be a good option for kids who are more comfortable with larger writing spaces. 

Pros: As the design scales up, all the writing and coloring spaces grow proportionally larger. Have a lot of kids who want to work in the same space? This might be just the thing for you. (However, you might actually get more elbow room out of two smaller posters!) 

Cons: This is the most expensive print option at all three printers we used. It's also too large to fit comfortably on most tables.


Whatever print size you choose, we think you'll love the freedom that the digital poster format provides you!

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