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Skill-Builder: Story Retelling

Skill-Builder: Story Retelling Our Read-Aloud Poster for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe includes a Story Board and uses character markers to provide important practice in story retelling, a skill-building activity that helps kids improve comprehension and other key literacy skills. Our blog post gives practical tips for encouraging your kids to retell stories they've listened to - with or without a Read-Aloud Poster.


On the Poster-Off the Poster

On the Poster-Off the Poster Wanting to help your kids connect better with your read-aloud? While we don't have a Read-Aloud Poster for every book you want to read, there is a handful of simple techniques that we use ON posters that you can easily adapt to use OFF the poster. Grab our quick cheat sheet to help you match books with strategies that will take your read-aloud to the next level.