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Be Ready for Your Next Snow Day!

DIY snow day box


We get it.... it's January. Maybe you've had six snow days already this winter, maybe you're still waiting for your first. At some point, though, the charm wears off the snow day and you need a little.... magic. Enter: the Snow Day Box. Pack it up now, hide it in your closet, and have it ready to pull out when you need it. Perfect.

To get started, click the BLUE button below to download our FREE Snow Day Box template. It will give you a basic framework for early-elementary age kiddos, a sample book selection, and modifications for younger kids.

Then, click the GREEN button to download printables to get you started on your Snow Day Box activities. These are best for early-elementary kids, so if you have younger kids, you might want to skip these and follow the suggestions for younger kids included in the template.

Step One: Choose your Books!

Because this is the most important step, we're starting here. This way you'll have plenty of time to look at the booklists on our Pinterest board and think about the mix of books that will be most interesting for your family.

We've recommended that you pick around four books, but that's just to keep things manageable. Remember that these aren't the only "snow" books you'll be reading all winter; they're just a few that you're boxing up for a special surprise.

When you pick your books, you may just want to look through your own bookshelves at home and select a few that you already own. Or, you may use this as an excuse to add a new book to your collection. (You can borrow books from the library, too, but that can get a little tricky with due dates if you don't get snow soon!)

However you do it, spend some time today and over the next few days gathering a special group of books for your Snow Day Box.



Step Two: Print and Prep your Printables

If you have early readers, our word tiles and word-making activity are perfect for your Snow Day Box. If you have pre-readers, use the tiles for letter identification practice.

We'd recommend printing these on heavy cardstock, if you have it available, but standard-weight paper works well, too. 

After printing, cut out the letter tiles, put them in a bag, and clip to the recording sheets. Place all the supplies in your Snow Day Box with a pencil, and you're set!

If you have pre-readers, you could use the letter tiles for practice recognizing letters, or you could skip the printables altogether. It's up to you!


Step Three: Add an Easy Craft

Whether you love to craft with your kids or not so much, the good news is, there's an option for you either way! 

If you need a simple craft, cutting snowflakes is always fun and requires only white paper and scissors. Put them in your box, and you're ready to go!

If you have little more crafty energy, check out our Pinterest page for some fun ideas for both big and little kids. Gather your supplies and put them in the box! 


Step Four: It’s not a Snow Day Box without a Snack!


It doesn't need to be complicated. A few packets of cocoa mix and a package of your favorite cookies will make everyone happy.

If you have more time, consider packing a recipe and some shelf-stable ingredients. You can make your own cocoa mix or even some cookies. Check out our Pinterest page for some easy ideas sure to please!

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